When is the JJL One release date?

We’ve had many questions as to when the guitars will be available and how to order etc.

The JJL One model is a Limited Edition of ninety-nine personally signed and numbered instruments. None of the JJL One series will be available in the shops. Interested customers can make an enquiry by clicking the ‘How to order’ link in the top menu. The launch date for these extraordinary instruments is June 20th 2015. Buyers can enter their details on the ‘How to order’ application form and be added to the waiting list, which at current estimates will be 3 to 5 months.


We will work with our clients personally throughout the process and deliver the guitars personally anywhere in the world.

Pricing will be available on request via the ordering enquiries, however as we have said many times before, the inevitable consequence of the unique design points, process and the exotic materials used means that these guitars are destined to remain very rare and special instruments. However we also believe that as an investment alone they will keep pace with any appreciation currently seen in the vintage market.

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