The JJL Guitars’ story so far…

  1. Dec 2014: JJL Guitars  launches Social Media sites
  2. Feb 2015: JJL Guitars posts first images of the the new JJL One finished in Silver Grey Zebrano
  3. Feb 2015: JJL Guitars post first images of new hardware designs including The Atlantic Bridge and Ice Blades / Zexcoil pick-ups
  4. March 2015: JJL adds new colour options including Smoky Blue Zebrano and Chilli Red Burr
  5. April 1st 2015: JJL’s Facebook page reaches 10k followers in 3 months
  6. Apri 2015: JJL announces the guitar launch at a special event co-hosted with Bang & Olufsen, Corcoran, Wings Helicopters and Private Air Luxury Homes magazine & Ferrari- Maserati in the Hamptons, Long Island on Saturday 20th June. This is the first time the guitars will be seen , heard and played live.
  7. May 1st 2015: 2015 JJL launches the live website
  8. May 1st 2015: JJL reaches over 15k Facebook followers in just 4 months
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