The guitar that designed itself…

We wish we could say that we had some great epiphany when designing all the hardware and the guitar shape itself, but the truth is, it all happened quite organically. The guitar was originally designed to be the best tone machine we could devise, not for its looks – they came later. So once we have launched the series, the emphasis will naturally switch to the tone and playability of the guitar.

The Atlantic Bridge was named because it “bridges the impossible” – It moves with no moving parts – the original, technical design brief.

The Ice Blades pick-ups profiles were named because they simply look like upside-down Ice Blades.

The “Ray” pegs were named because they were inspired initially by a whole page from Google images of Stingrays from around the World.

And the guitar shape itself? Well it’s true we didn’t think the world really needed yet another Strat-a-like or Les Paul-a-like shaped guitar – we’ll leave that to others, but it was quite simple really. The top half of the body was designed to give the best and most unfettered access to the top frets – to really set a player free. The bottom half? Well, that was inspired by Marilyn Monroe – from behind…

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