New JJL app available soon

The new JJL app will be available soon. We expect development to be complete this week and then it goes to the Apple Test flight beta program before being available on Itunes later this month. We should be in a position to publish screen shots by the end of the week. The Android version will follow.

The app does several things if you own a JJL One guitar. You get the choice of either a wireless hydrometer or a blue tooth hydrometer in your custom carbon fiber case. Either of these units will talk back to the app on your phone and alert you in case of any untoward humidity swings which can be dealt with in the case with humidipacks. Alarms can be set for this purpose and temperature and humidity checked at any time. With the wireless unit, you can literally keep tabs on the guitar through the tracker which also talks back to your phone and the hydrometer on the other side of the World.

If you don’t own a JJL One guitar, the app will still be useful as a guitar tuner and a metronome amongst other things we hope to add shortly. The app is free.

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