JJL One specifications

JJL One specifications

JJL One in chilli red burr (left) or the JJL One in cobalt blue burr (click images to view larger)

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One piece of aged Honduras Mahogany, river recovered from approximately 150-200 years at the bottom of the Belize rivers and lagoons. This material sank on its way down to the mill (it was closer grained and heavier) and was originally growing at a time when the Conquistadors were present in South America. At the current time, JJL Guitars is the only Company to source, recover and import this rare and valuable material under CITIES Licence into the UK.

We then bond a special titanium acoustic chassis into this special wood. This chassis connects the nut, directly to the bridge the JJL One’s own unique tone superhighway

This concept is central and unique to JJL Guitars this model and future models alike. The concept is very similar to a piano where the strings are strung across a metal frame anchored into the wooden body. The difference is that on the JJL One that metal frame is our acoustic chassis made from a special Grade of Meta titanium and the body is actually one piece of wood. So that is not a neck through made of multi laminated woods with wings stuck on the body. There is no neck joint. It is in effect a 3 dimensional model of the guitar in just one piece of this extraordinary material.

Our truss rods are made from the same material. Here is our Japanese supplier demonstrating the difference between ordinary steel (first part) and this Beta Grade titanium (second part)

Like a piano, the JJL One has extraordinary sustain and rich, complex overtones which you can hear clearly on the sound files and videos. Unusually though, for an electric guitar you can also hear this acoustically, before the guitar is even plugged in. Acoustically the guitar sounds very rich and surprisingly loud. In fact you would swear it was a semi-automatic at least if you heard it out of sight.

Neck & Headstock

The 25″ scale length, with 24 frets and super fast neck gives an instantly comfortable playing experience. The JJL One is also the first guitar in history to have Tungsten Carbide frets, These are our own Jumbo design, each one being made and shaped with our own diamond tooling to within 5 microns. The mirror shine is hand polished with diamond paste and will never degrade. At 9.00+ on the MOHS scale, they should stay intact, with mirror shine, long after the demise of the Human Race itself. More importantly though, the mass of our frets in this material is some three times that of stainless steel and provides a defined and sizeable voice to the tone that cannot be achieved by conventionally.

The fretboard option is currently Ziracote, Ebony or Cocobolo. The truss rod is adjusted via spoke wheel at the end of the fretboard and the Zero locking nut is a hardened titanium nut which closes sideways with a small hidden hex bolt to lock the strings, which are then anchored via a special, height adjustable, compensated zero fret.

The tuners are custom Schaller M6 locking pin in Ruthenium, with our own hand polished titanium “Raypegs.

The fretboard features specially chosen, Grade AAA whole Mother of Pearl markers surrounded by two bands of pure Platinum. The logo is brushed Palladium.

The Atlantic Bridge

So named because it bridges the impossible it moves with no moving parts. This extraordinary new innovation has been called engineering Art The hand polished titanium bridge uses our own unique, proprietary vertical Flexures married to custom designed springs to effect a linear movement which moves without pivoting, sliding and with no knife edge or bearings etc. The flexures and their chassis are connected directly to the unique acoustic chassis which in turn is connected directly to the nut at the other end of the guitar. The tremolo arm is height adjustable and feel adjustable (soft and spongy to firm and positive) to allow you find your most comfortable playing level. The action allows 1 full octave down to 1/2 octave up. The bridge has three modes: Full locking (fixed bridge mode), Half locking (downwards moving only blocked if you break a string) Fully Floating (normal tremolo mode) These are actioned via a three way depressor switch on the top plate. This engineering marvel with its low aero wing profile was also designed primarily to be a very comfortable place to rest and use your palm for damping techniques.

The Big Block & Stop and the Big Block and Fan bridges are two Hardtail versions to be announced in the News section and on Social Media shortly.

The Pick-ups

The pick-ups feature a unique polished titanium profile which is based on quadratic diffusion principles to diffuse the hard mid range slap that comes off the body of all solid body guitars. They use a series of varying depth slots with variable geometry to achieve this and, as they look like upside down ice blades, have been so named the ?ce Blades

Under the hood are the amazing Zexcoil humbuckers. In the PAF spectrum, they use new Tone Tuning Technology a patented Zexcoil technology. They use 6 coils one for each string. They feature a silent split function for clear single coil clean sounds. The unique Ice Blades/Zexcoils pick-ups combo -kick with clarity

The electronics have two pulls for the Split function, but the two volume knobs also have two pulls to enable a separate 250k circuit, if required, for warmer, vintage tones.

The Case

The custom, carbon fibre case is lined with Alcantra leather over special impact absorbing foam. Able to withstand being run over by a 4 x 4, the case also features a GPS tracker which sends an email once a day to advise of exact location and a wireless or blue tooth hydrometer (choice of either) that talks back to the JLL app Guitarmate, available for download from Itunes. Alarms can be set if you are travelling to more extreme climates to advise of any significant changes and Humidipacks can be deployed to control the humidity in either direction.

Finish Colour Options

The JJL One series of instruments can be ordered in an increasing number of wood finished and colours which at the moment include: Silver Grey Zebrano Smoky Blue Zebrano Natural Zebrano Chilli Red Burr Cobalt Blue Burr(both Italian Walnut Burr) Santos Rosewood in herringbone pattern, Gloss Black Vavona Burr and original Golden Madrone burr. New woods and finishes will be announced at regular intervals. Please enquire.

Sound & Vision

Sound files and YouTube videos can be found, when published, in the Sound and Vision section, check news page for updates.

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