Belize River: Searching for hidden treasure

To make our one piece guitars, we wanted to use the best tonewood available – but we didn’t want to cut down any more trees… Old growth Brazilian Mahogany has been lying undisturbed at the bottom of the river for 150 years or more.


Planks of this wood sit on the rack by the Belize river waiting to be shipped to us here in the UK. They have thrown some water over some so we can see the amazing figuring. This is Brazilian mahogany which has been lying at the bottom of the river seasoning for up to 150 year after sinking on its way down to the mill.


It’s old growth wood – hundreds of years old and has no resin in it at all. Each plank is 44″ long, 15″ wide and 2″ thick so that we can make an entire one piece guitar out of it. Into this, we bond our own titanium “acoustic chassis” that extends from the nut all the way down to the bridge. So the bridge is directly connected via the chassis and this amazing material to the nut. For sustain, over tones and presence, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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