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JJL One launch party


The first limited edition model of the JJL One, one piece guitar will be launched at a special event in The Hamptons LI, NY on Saturday June 20th. Attendance is by limited invitation only for the launch party at The

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Long awaited sound file


Thanks so much to everyone who has followed us on Facebook – we’ve just hit 20k!. Finally got time to get the guitar down to Mark’s Studio in Southampton for some sound files. Mark Owers of Danze Macabre is playing

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New JJL app available soon

The new JJL app will be available soon. We expect development to be complete this week and then it goes to the Apple Test flight beta program before being available on Itunes later this month. We should be in a

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The JJL Guitars’ story so far…


Dec 2014: JJL Guitars  launches Social Media sites Feb 2015: JJL Guitars posts first images of the the new JJL One finished in Silver Grey Zebrano Feb 2015: JJL Guitars post first images of new hardware designs including The Atlantic

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The guitar that designed itself…

Marilyn Monroe on patio outside of her home.

We wish we could say that we had some great epiphany when designing all the hardware and the guitar shape itself, but the truth is, it all happened quite organically. The guitar was originally designed to be the best tone

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Belize River: Searching for hidden treasure


To make our one piece guitars, we wanted to use the best tonewood available – but we didn’t want to cut down any more trees… Old growth Brazilian Mahogany has been lying undisturbed at the bottom of the river for

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When is the JJL One release date?


We’ve had many questions as to when the guitars will be available and how to order etc. The JJL One model is a Limited Edition of ninety-nine personally signed and numbered instruments. None of the JJL One series will be

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What exactly is a ‘one-piece’ guitar?


When we say “one piece” we mean exactly that. The JJL One series are made from just one piece of wood. One piece designs have one inherent feature – amazing sustain. But we know that sustain alone is not enough,

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